Culinary journey starts here

Permanently closed. We’ll be opening a new place by the end of 2018.

„Gastronomika” – chef’s Liutauras Čeprackas culinary and cultural space, culinary loft.
This is much more than a restaurant or culinary studio.
We created „Gastronomika“ in order to reveal the relationship between food and culture to create a unique environment in which exceptional cuisine and wines are produced and tasted .



„Gastronomika“ – first in Lithuania to meet all the fine dining standards. Thursdays and Fridays durin tasting dinners you will have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional dishes created by chef Liutauras Čeprackas. With the subtle influence of French cuisine, chef’s unique style and sense of orientation to the imeccable quality can be found.
During dinner 6-7 dishes will be served. You can also enjoy every meal with matching wines or choose your own favorite wine.
Dinner starts: 19:00 (Guests arrival time till 19:30)
Price starts from: 70€
Cocktails and matched wines available.

Goodbye Downtown



Amuse bouche


White Asparagus

2016 spring

kimizu ~ crispiness ~ iriko dashi


Lobster ravioli

2015 spring

carrot emulsion ~ lobster essence


Red mullet

2016 autumn

artichokes ~ suquet emulsion ~ black olives


Beef tails

2015 winter

butternut squash and parsnips ~ potatoes foam ~ colours



2017 spring

cherries ~ parsnips ~ foie gras ~ tonka





2018 winter

Naive Chocolate ~ lychee sorbet



Chef Liutauras Čeprackas

Famous chef, TV host Liutauras Čeprackas, arts and cultural space “Gastronomika” founder. Chef of culinary loft gained his knowledge and experience in one of the world’s most famous culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, located in Mexico. Later he gained experience in Michelin starred restaurants in Spain.



Our waiters

“Gastronomika” waiters – experience and professionalism.
They look after of our guests comfort during events.

„Gastronomika“ – culinary and cultural space, culinary loft by Liutauras Čeprackas. This is much more than a restaurant or culinary studio. „Gastronomika“ – perfect environment for all food and culture lovers, therefore eating exclusive dishes you will able to choose from a large selection of wines.
In „Gastronomika“ you can also admire one of the most famous and most memorable Lithuanian expressionists Vilmantas Marcikevičius paintings, famous advocate of contemporary glass art Remigijus Kriukis art work and nowhere else seen art work.
Latest and for a very long time matured project „Gastronomika“ brings together the best kitchen appliances in one place („Gastronomika“ official partner of „Gaggenau“ kitchen appliances), based on „smart house“ technology, chefs with invaluable experience, love for food and art.
„Gastronomika“ culinary courses for professionals and amateurs will provide you a broader view in cooking and introduce you to real value of gastronomy.
„Gastronomika“ culinary studio equipped in such a way that it can be subtly adjusted to the different tastes and desires, we can arrange company dinners, birthday parties, old friends can get together and spend the evening during dinner, where you will not only please your stomachs, but learn more interesting and useful things.

“Gastronomika studio – realization of my dreams.”