Personal and corporate events


“Gastronomika” presents exclusive services for business clients which serves in two ways.
First, in corporate events you will have a good time and taste culinary masterpieces, prepared with love by experienced chefs. Second – you will receive a direct benefit to your business. In team building events or joint culinary lessons your employees will get better acquainted and learn to effectively work together.


“Gastronomika its corporate clients presents exclusive services pasitarnausiančias you in two ways. In particular, corporate events will be able to spend time and taste culinary masterpieces, lovingly prepared by experienced chefs. Second – you will receive a direct benefit to their business, as the team building the party or joint kulinarinėje lesson your employees better acquainted and learn to work effectively together.


Cooking together – it is not just a fun pastime, but also an activity which helps your employees to better know each other. Teamwork requires precision, punctuality, discipline and good understanding of each other. During team building event you will have a good time together and prepare tasty food based on useful chef’s advice, as well as for managers it is also a great opportunity to learn something new about your staff and effectively teach teamwork.


“Gastronomika” – this is the first place in Lithuania, which meets all fine dining standards. During tasting dinner, you will have the opportunity to taste chef’s Liutauras Čeprackas dishes.
During tasting evening you will be served 6-7 dishes, which are like a culinary history, told by the chef. At dinner we offer cocktails and wines from the wine card.


Your team will gain extremely valuable experience as well as spend a wonderful time in culinary academy. Experienced chef Liutauras Čeprackas will help to produce and discover the subtleties of the culinary world. Private cooking lesson for the company will be much more than just a tasty dinner and a fun adventure – in this unique way, you can also teach your employees to work as a team.